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Sonoma County Painting Contractor
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  • Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano, Alameda and San Francisco counties:
Who Do We Work For?
  • Residential repaint, homeowners
  • Residential and Commercial investment property owners
  • Residential Communities, Homeowners Associations. Condominiums, Apartments
  • Residential Remodel or New Construction (contractors and owners)
  • Organizations: churches, non-profits and more!
  • Commercial Enterprises (repaint, remodel and new construction): wineries, retail outlets, hospitality, restaurants; offices, health care, convalescent, light industrial facilities and more!
  • Government: parks and recreation, schools, museums and more!
  • Realtors, Property Management, Insurance Work
What do we Paint (Finish, Refinish or Decorate)?
  • Wood of all types: hard woods, soft woods, redwood, fir, pine, mahogany, walnut, ash. birch, maple, oak
  • Plywood, masonite, clay siding; paneling
  • Concrete, stucco, masonry block, tile
  • Steel, iron, aluminum, sheet metal, Formica.
  • Sheetrock, plaster
  • Storage racks, barrel storage, tanks, fencing
  • Problem Conditions/Areas: "alligatoring", bleeding, blistering, bubbling, badly weathered areas, yellowing, fading
  • "High maintenance:" sills, porches, rails, trellises, doors, gates
  • Siding, eaves, gutters, columns, beams, fascias, pergolas,
  • Cabinets, doors, casings, windows, shelves, baseboards, trim, furniture, shelving, book cases, mantles and more.
  • Most stationary objects! We've even done pig stalls, dog houses, out houses and wharfs!
What Techniques and Services Do We Offer?
  • Cleaning: pressure washing; washing by hand, de-greasing, de-glossing; chemical etching
  • Bleaching: for chemical treatment of mildew or to lighten wood tone
  • Mechanical sanding, hand sanding, scraping
  • Chemical stripping for paint or transparent finish.
  • Caulking, patching, epoxy filler, minor carpentry repairs
  • Replace loose putty; window repair and glazing
  • Priming and painting by brush roller or spray and combinations as appropriate for maximum "fill", penetration, stipple, orange peel or smooth, fine finish.
  • Treatment of rust
  • Color consulting, design, mixing and matching
  • "Life size" color sampling
  • Consult/Sampling and application of decorative techniques: color glazing, faux finishes replication of most any surface, color washes, Venetian plaster (application or simulation) and other thin-coat plaster techniques, murals, antiquing, metallic finishes, ragging, sponging, cheese cloth, stencil, marbleizing, stone simulation,
  • Clear wood finishing: custom staining, stain control, clear varnish urethane or color-toning; color simulation of various woods, wood toning, "whitewashing," "pickling," graining, combing and antiquing,
  • Wallpaper removal. Preparation and priming for wallpaper. Installation of wallpaper, textiles and vinyl wall covering.
  • Drywall patch, repair, taping and texturing; matching of textures or creative , decorative textures
  • Environmentally compliant cleanup/removal of waste products: old paint, lead paint, solvents and bi-products of our service
  • Consulting for specification analysis/writing and Maintenance consulting.
What we Apply
  • Appropriate primers: acrylic or alkyd/oil for any surface or condition: --stain blocking, rust, inhibitive, maximum penetration, breathing, bonding, adhering or "bridging."
  • Top quality paint, semi- transparent and clear: acrylics, vinyl-acrylics, alkyd/oils, urethanes epoxies, low V. O. C. environmentally "friendly," cutting edge performance products, catalyzed coatings.
  • Elastomeric, terpolymer water proof coatings
  • Flats ("dead flat" matte flat, washable flat), eggshells, low sheens, satins, semi-gloss, gloss, (full gloss and ultra high gloss) in all degrees of opacity/transparency.
  • Color and sheen retention specialty products.
  • Whites, pastels, mid-tones, deep-tones, accents; custom mixed or factory mixed colors.
  • Benjamin Moore (including Aura low V. O. C. high performance coating), Kelly Moore(including e-coat, environmentally "friendly"), Fuller O'Brien, Dunn Edwards, Glidden, Behr, Sherwin Williams, Yolo Colorhouse, Valspar, Cabot, Rustoleum, Mason Select, V. I. P. , Flood/ CWF, Zar, Mc Closky, Minwax, Zinnser, Cabot, Jasco, Varathane, Hamilton Prep Coat, UGL, Modern Masters, Zolotone, Multi-Spec, Duck's Back, Sonnebourne, Penefin, X.I.M./ U.M.A.. and more (pending requests/recommendations).

Sonoma County Painting Contractor Sonoma County Painting Contractor

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