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Sonoma County Painting Contractor Sonoma County Painting Contractor

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Garen Patterson was recently asked to share some of his expert painting tips with, one of the top real estate websites in Northern California! Here is a link to the article:

Tips for Painting Trim by Garen Patterson

Here are a few things to consider, starting with an old adage:

"Quality, service or price: pick any two."

Most people, given that choice, prioritize quality and service. Price is also important but must be viewed in terms of value. What are you getting for your money?

Quality? As an end result, you want a neat, well crafted job that will last and be aesthetically pleasing.

Service? Service is the process whereby that result is achieved. Having work done at your home or in your business can be a pleasant experience or a "major pain." Punctuality, friendliness and a helpful expertise do not necessarily accompany a well crafted job.

By way of example.......

  • "I hired a contractor to paint my house, and about halfway through he had to go take care of another job. Then he got sick.finally the job was finished. I'm happy with the result, but I'd never hire that guy again!"
  • "I had to pick a color off a tiny little chip. When the paint went on the wall it looked completely different. By then it was too late. Now I'm stuck with colors I really don't like!"

So....... How can one best predict the value offered by a contractor?

  • References and experience will tell you a lot. But most anyone who has been in business for a while can offer a few happy customers as references. It's important to know what made those customers happy. Were their expectations in line with your own? Find out! Ask for meaningful references on projects that are relevant to your own. Another key point: has this contractor been of service on multiple occasions? That will establish consistency of service.
  • Talk to the contractor about your expectations. How can they address your concerns? For example: "Do you stay on the job until it is completed? Will there be interruptions in work?" Or, "What can you do to help me with color selection?"
  • Ultimately, ask yourself: "Will I enjoy working with this person?"

Sonoma County Painting Contractor Sonoma County Painting Contractor

Sonoma County Painting Contractor   

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