Sonoma County Painting Contractor
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Thanks for your interest in Patterson Painting and Decorating, your premier Sonoma and Napa County Painting Contractor, (also serving the greater Bay Area).

Here's why I think you'll be glad you got to know us better:

We have been helping make people happy in their homes for 40 continuous years. We've survived the ups and downs of this business for that long by following through on commitments, AND, more often, by surpassing our clients' expectations.

My employees will treat your space with respect. They have learned my system and my standard.

We will complete your job in the time promised. As a Sonoma County and Napa County Painting Contractor, I have a very long-term reputation for delivering timely work. We are big enough that multiple simultaneous projects do not mean a delay in your project.

My hope is to meet you one day in the future with a smile in memory of the work we did for you.

Garen at his new shop on Eighth Street

Sonoma County Painting Contractor Sonoma County Painting Contractor

Sonoma County Painting Contractor   

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